Does she know it's a date? Test or what?

Asked a friend girl of mine out that always seemed to be interested in more. I said "I would like to take you out to dinner at such and such place at this time" and she said yes. Two-three texts later, she referred to it as a "hang out". I can't tell if she's testing me or not, but I have a feeling she is. Testing me in the sense to see if I labelled it as a date, because when you label it as such it creates a lot of unnecessary pressure on both people. It's that, or she's trying to let me down easy. =/.
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  • She's only saying that to get you to clarify. Send her a text say, "See you at (whatever time you told her)? When she responds "yes". Send her a text back say, "ok, it's a date!


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  • If it's nothing to sweat about, there's no need for her to text you that it's just a 'hang out'.

    If she's indeed testing you, then girls who like to play such games are not worth the time at all.

    • I disagree with you on the testing part. No matter what anyone says, all girls tests. I used to be on the same boat as you until I figured that out. It's annoying, but that's just how females are.

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  • You have to be VERY clear, say flat out THIS IS A DATE

  • its a date.


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