How long can it take for a guy to ask a girl out on a first date?

like you know you're attracted to her and interested, how long does it usually take you


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  • read your long post below, my thoughts
    your question is wrong. he does not need to ask you for a date! he is seeing you all the time and can spend time with you which is what a date really is meant for.

    your real question that i understand is "Why is he not making a move?" point is either one of you can do that but if you want to wait it just depends on the guy on how soon. If he is interested honestly he wouldn't mind if you make a move

    • thank you for your advice. and ya we definetely are hanging out. in the last two days weve spent 6+ hours alone together just talking and stuff. like he spent 2+ hours looking at pics from my trip with me and then today he spent another 2 hours with me. he wasn't looking at other women and wasn't checking his phone.

    • I had a question for you, I had similar like this before which i screwed up but in this case what is the best way to make a move from a guys perspective?

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  • a few months.


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  • Depends how fast reassures he will not get rejected (minimize the risk). If you are interested, help him out...

    • here's what im dealing with
      i met him last week in one of my lectures and i approached him after class and introduced myself. we started talking and he asked me where i was going and he said he'd walk me there. before he said by he gave me a hug and asked for my number. later that night we were texting and he asked me if i had a boyfriedn and i said no and when i asked him, he said he was dating someone a while ago but he wanted space so no he's not in a relationship. he said he's not looking for either but he goes with his gut. anyways, he dropped by to say hi to me two days later at the lib on the way to his class and hugged me hello. then on Monday he came and sat with me in class and our shoulder, or legs were always touching. id lean over and he never pulled away. once again he walked me to my next class that day and kinda gave me a little tap before saying bye. the next day he and i met up at the lib because he wanted to switch classes with me and we ended up in a class -c-

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    • Wow, you type fast. Are you interested? Why can't you ask him out? I am concerned about the hickey, since if you are interested in someone, you do not show it, unless you want to cause jealously. Besides, how old is he to get a hickey? Maybe I am getting old..

    • lmao he couldnt believe he got one either ahahah he's 22. lmao he's so embarrassed about it. i am interested in him, i just dont want to be to pushy since we just started getting to know each other. i usually ruin things by being too forward.

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