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I've been dating this guy. We have been involved months. I am gonna get to the point. There is an issue, we lack communication. We don't talk as much as we used to at all. It is killing me. We both have hard times opening up to eachother on deeper levels. I've been through crap, and his life hasn't been easy. Hell, no ones life is. Talking before was easier. We used to just be FWBs. Maybe, because we were on the surface, and were not looking to progress or to change the direction of that friends with benefits status. As time grew, and after we began dating it has lessened. How do we get it back? Is this normal? What do we do?


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  • It is not normal and I consider that to be a big problem. If you can't communicate with each other, then I think you should break it off.

    • I mean we still talk, but it is not the same. We are going out together on Tuesday.

    • Do you put an effort into understanding each other? Have you tried to open up with one-another?
      If you think your relationship is worth it, then be the first one who does it.
      If not, then please stop it. You're going to waste your time by being with him. I've been through something similar.

    • Okay. I will definitely follow you advice. I was going to try talking to him on Tuesday, and see where it goes. I understand you completly, and I appreciate your advice. I know, that if it does not improve it is time to find somone else. It will hurt, because its been a while almost a year. I feel like the fact that we started out as an friends with benefits relationship makes us nervous, and confused. I talked to him, and he admitted that he was nervous, and scared because never experienced a stituation like (our situ.) before. He said it is why he doesn't open up. He displays that he cares though. If I need to leave him be then I am fine with that. I know that I will have no other choice, but to be. If it's not meant then it just isn't. I am sorry for your previous life experience.

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