Honestly no bs?

I met up with a old school hs friend. She's hot and when we met up she tried giving me a hi hug. I didn't know how to act. I got stuck so i didn't hug her back. It got weird and she instantly pulled back halfway through the hug. I guess she felt rejected. As soon as she left i text her apologizing saying i totally wasn't expecting a hug but that''ll i'll show some love next time. She didn't even text back.

Did i do the right thing? now i'm worried/wondering if i now look weird in her eyes. What if i'm wrong and she didn't even try hugging me. No i don't like this girl we are just cool.


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  • If she knows that you aren't the 'hugging' and 'touching' kind, she should understand. Is there some 'history' between you two?
    I LOVE hugging women friends, and I love how they smell, and the intimacy, that they offer, with the 'hug' even when some are married!! It makes me think that they still care, and 'love' me, as a 'friend' and know that their husband won't mind!


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