How do you know when it's the right time to ask a girl out (Highschool)?

I admitted I liked this girl to my closer friends and it seems like they've all noticed me and her having a "connection" . I feel like thats what's everyone's been telling me and they are pushing me to do something except I myself feel like she doesn't see me that way. It kinda shocked me cause I'd always focused on just me and her interacting that I never realized how we looked to other people. I saw one of her friends giggle when and laugh at my crush when it was announced that I was gonna be the teacher assisant next term. I also just realized know how during a "movie night event" at school when they went to my drinks stand that same friend was trying to embarass her.

Ex: So class started I start talking to her about her new glasses. She was sitting and I was standing in front of her and I reached for her glasses and she pulled away at first then moved her face close to let me take her glasses off. (Was that a cute move?) After that we talk pretty much till class starts and she tells me about some pumpkin perfume she wants lol.

Any ways towards the end of class I see her (she sits in front of me) try to throw some trash and missed. I tell her "nice job" (inside joke) she looks back at me, gets up her chair squats down to get her trash and rises up in a way with quite a view of her butt in yoga pants! Was this intentional or accidental?

Im confused on what this girl thinks of me cause she tries to be "mean" (playful) and we have cute moments but I feel like she is tryna ignore me sometimes text or social media sometimes.

I honestly dontk know what to do cause I didn't expect to get this far :3 help? I have no experience and I dont wanna mess this up cause I've known her for a long time.


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  • When she's receptive and open too it


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