Girls, under 22 or so, would you be repelled or turned off if a bald guy (who's your age) approached you? Or would you give him a shot?

Brother balded very early. He razors it bakd now and is very skinny but actually has a good face and head for it so he pulls it OK. But he's worried about what girls will think because he's 20 already bald and never had a legitimate girlfriend, we grew up in a small town is part of the reason for that although he does have higher standards I don't blame him, he would be a sweetheart to a girl and wouldn't play around, so he deserves a cute girl. Anyway family opinion is biased so I figured I'd ask anonymous girls. Could you be attracted to a guy this young with no hair? It's shsved bakd remember, or can you still like him? Do you think my brother is going to have a hard time getting a girl now that he lost his hair? Please just answer honestly girls no feel good answers
  • I would date a guy this young who was bald, no hair doesn't make him unattractive
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  • Couldn't look past no hair, probably would respectfully pass
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  • With no hair and high standards he's going to have a ridiculous time getting a girl
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For those saying his standards are bad in the poll, he's still not backing down :)
Wow girls, I guess we aren't the more I. Depth sex :/
Just checked this site for the first time in ever, I can't believe girls will say no to a decent looking guy just because of hair :/
I guess we deserve the fat shaming with how much value so many of us put on hair apparently...


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  • As long as he isn't just after a "pretty girl", but is interested in all of her... yeah, I'd date a bald guy. I have before, he was almost 10 years older than me, though.

    • Well looks are definitely something he seeks out and he won't settle on, my whole family is stubborn and him especially. But like I said he would only date a girl if she's slender and cute but he always shares these cute ideas he'd do for a girl on birthdays and stuff if he had one and I know he would be commuted so I don't blame him for holding high standards. I don't like to rate with numbers but to give an estimate, I've never seen him be attracted to a girl that probably wasn't a 7-9 range on looks. Like I said high but still he only wants one in the end.

    • Yeah that's just his preference. It's if he only wants a pretty girl as a trophy, then it objectifies her and I have issues with. But if he cares for all of her, (personality, hopes & dreams) that's great and good luck to him! :)

    • Thanks for MHO!


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  • Nah, I need something to run my fingers through. I'd have to respectfully decline.

    • Well I respect looks mattering, just there isn't anything he can do about it, whereas a fat girl or something can lose weight

    • I agree. I love running my hands through a guy's hair.

    • To the point of passing up an otherwise attractive guy who was sweet? Wow didn't realize you're so brainwashed by little boys like Bieber haha

  • I guess that there's a possibility that I would if I was still attracted to him and his personality was great, but, honestly, I'd prefer not to.


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