What do I do if I really like a guy?

I am 23, never had a boyfriend before, and met this guy that I've known for a while but have really grown to like.

We had sex for 3 months.

Did this ruin our chance at a relationshd ip?

he said he wants to be friends but it's been a few weeks since we stopped and he hasn't texted me.


i see him a lot in group settings because we have the same friends. But we never say anything. I want to talk to him but don't know what to say.

I I like him so much - BUT I don't want a relationship - I want a friendship. How do I do this?


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  • You and him are kind of basically in a friends with benefits type of relationship. I do think it's weird that when you guys hang out with friends that you both are quiet. What do you and him talk about when your alone?


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