I have low self-esteem and am overall a bad person candidate for a boyfriend. How can I be a better choice?

Low self-esteem. Short. Socially awkward. Unattractive face. The list of reasons not to date me seems endless.
Things I do have going for me are that I am generally kind, intelligent, funny in the right situations, and I can understand other people's perspectives very clearly after giving some thought.
Help me, please. I know this is a bigger issue than just getting dates, but, well, it seemed like a good way to get help for some reason.
Please don't say, "Be confident." That doesn't help me. I don't know how to be confident.


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  • I agree with what timetraveller1 says. You need to work on feeling better about yourself, but for you not for anyone else. Work out what kind of a person you want to be, and try to take steps to getting there.

    Someone will love you. They really will. But just waiting for them and thinking about feeling alone is not going to bring that person to you faster. It's just going to contribute to feeling sad.

    I think you should focus on the things you can control. Then when someone you're really into comes along, you'll be ready for them


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  • find a passion , set a goal and build on it, fake confidence till you get it for real.
    work out, dress well, clean up your shit starts from bedroom. good hyegine and then dont stop doing it, meet people have fun, find things that is social and involves fun.

    basically you need to switch the spectrum : from can i be a better choice to is she the right girl for me


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