I think my boyfriend may like his female friend?

My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 14, we are now 21. Last year I went through some personal stuff where I needed a break from us to focus on myself. We didn't speak for a few months. We got back together after 4 months and I found out he had sex with this girl who is a bit younger than us and is also one of his 'friends'. She's considered part of his entire friend group and is the only girl in it along with 7-8 other guys, including my boyfriend. Before we went on a break when she came along we were actually friends. After I found out about them having sex, I was sad. But what hurt most was hearing that he actually tried pursuing a relationship with her after, in which she declined and wanted nothing more than a hook up. After that they just stayed friends. It was awkward hanging out with them after we got back together, but I got over it. When we went on a mini vacation together pretty recently, I was drunk and really just wanted to see if anything was still going on between them. So I looked at his phone, but only at his snap chat. She was his number one best friend on it when I wasn't even on the list. It did hurt that's for sure, so I asked him politely to remove her since I felt uncomfortable. He did. A few weeks later I saw he re added her on snap chat, and I asked him again to remove her. Then a week later I saw he was being very sneaky about his phone all the time, which he never used to be. And when I looked over to him when we were watching a move, he pulled out his phone and I saw a notification from this girl that he had one new snapchat from her. My heart sunk. I confronted him about it and he said that she was upset he deleted her, so he re added her. Now, I know I sound very silly because I'm complaining about snap chat, but it's more than that. I feel as if he might like her more than me, especially because he cares more about what she feels than I do. And he knows I'm uncomfortable with it. I cried a little bit when I saw that an
*i cried a bit when I saw that expecting him to just remove her again for good since he saw how it made me feel, but instead he said I was being ridiculous and I need to get over it or break up with him. I don't know if I'm being paranoid of if I actually should worry. Also, I'm away at school now too so we don't see each other during the week and he hardly calls me unless I ask him to and we barley text. Any thoughts? Thanks guys
He also claims there is no attraction and he doesn't like her in anyway , only as a friend


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  • I think that the months break is where things started to go downhill


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  • "I need to get over it or break up with him." This.

    "If you want to be in a relationship with me, you have to destroy your relationship with this other person."

    Would you want to be with someone who said this to you?

    Would you want to be with someone who snooped around on your phone when they thought you weren't looking?

    You're being insecure.
    Your insecurity is destroying your relationship.

    Unless you have reason to believe he's cheating on you (at which time he'd actually be doing you a favor so you could dump his cheating ass), everything you're doing is destroying your relationship and you have no one to blame but yourself.


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