Double standards in relationship?

Why is it that a guy in a relationship can do something and it wouldn't even be a big deal but if a girl did the same thing it would be WW3 and vice versa. Like for instance , my boyfriend is big on talking to other girls and liking/commenting on their pictures on instagram , but if I did any of that he'd call me a whore or something and break up with me? Why is that? And if you're in a relationship does it have any double standards?
Let's clear things up. I mesnr on both sides , don't come at me with your menimist shit please and thank you 😊


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  • 1. Why is it men have to pay on first date?
    2. Why is men are expected to pay for most dates?
    3. Why is it men are expected usually to be the date planners and entertainers?
    4. Why is it when women cheat in relationship it is because "he wasn't meet his needs". Yet if a man cheats it's because he was a dick.
    5. Why is it, men always most of time have to approach women to start the formation of a relationship?

    Just to name a few double standards.

    • Obviously you didn't see the "vice versa" part.

    • Obviously your now trying to dodge the fact that the majority of your question is directed at double standards that men have when it comes to relationship.

      Your first sentence complain about double standards that benefit men, then you go on to give an example about your boyfriend. The entire question seems to be geared at discusssing (complaining) the double standards that favor men. So i followed on those lines.

    • Actually , my question is more Dir xted at the entire relationship. I'm merely curious at why there are double standards in a relationship and I named a prime example in mine. Which is a big issue in my relationship , so why don't you chiiiillll on that shit and don't take a post from an 18 year old so seriously.

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  • Can you tell me how did your relationship start? As in how you met.. how one asked out each other and all?

    • Long distance actually. I guess people wouldn't think of it as the "same" as actually being together but yea.

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    • We met on a website called meet me he was nice and sweet and he was the first guy who didn't ask me for nudes. We just kinda clicked , you know? I felt like he understood me better than anyone , I could tell him anything and everything. He's was and for the most part still is my best friend. We've both done a lot of dumb shit to one another but we still love each other. We're very much a like in most things. He's like , most of the time when he's not pissing me off , the most perfect person on the planet eve though he's fucked up but so have.

    • That's sweet. So, how did you made it official, that you're gf-bf?

  • Sounds like he is very possessive and jealous, immature and a hypocrite.

    I would be pretty annoyed by this. Unnaceceptable.

  • The double standards is unpleasant and if it was cool for one it should be for the other... personally, I don't thinking liking or commenting a girls or guys pic on social media, unless the comment was, "I wanna tap that!"

    • To me personally , it just gets to me. It gets to both of us actually but I never do it because I know how he feels about. He knows how I feel and does it anyways , I think its about respect , honest but that's just me 😊

    • If I knew she didn't like it, I wouldn't do it... true, that just respect and consideration for the other person's feelings...

    • Amen , hallelujah , praise Jesus somebody gets it 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • That's ridiculous.


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