Girls, how much muscle does a guy need to have a chance, or to make you feel aroused + smell preference?

So I've finally accepted that the books cover matters to a degree and have decided to start dieting and working out.
How much muscle does a guy need to get a chance, or to make you feel aroused?

Post links and descriptions of your ideal mans muscle mass :).

Also, does a guy need to smell like anything? I don't know about perfumes or anything. I just put on deoderant, and some perfume thing if i'm going out to a restaurant or something.



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  • I actually prefer guys without much muscle, it just doesn't look great to me, I don't like it. I don't know, I guess smoother looks better. This guy is generally the kind of guy I prefer:

    Some muscle can be fine, but generally I don't really like it.

    Smell is important though. He doesn't necessarily need to smell of anything specific, but just smelling nice, wearing aftershave and deodorant is nice. Either my boyfriend or his brother has this Top Gear body wash that's pretty nice. I know that my boyfriend uses this honey scented body wash and sometimes a plum one, and he smells awesome. No idea what deodorant or aftershave he uses though. I generally associate him with the smell of smoke purely because he loves bonfires and fireworks and anything related to that and likes the way smoke smells, but obviously he doesn't actually smell like that :P


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  • oh that is a very hard question to answer. Everyones taste is different.
    Mayself, I don't like too many muscles. I prefer slim, maybe a little muscle definition, but more importantly still nice and soft enough to cuddle...
    a nice perfume to me is Acqua di Gio or Paco Rabanne 1Million, I prefer light and fresh parfums, and those two smell particularly sexy on my fiance.

    to put it in a picture, this would be a good example of my preferred body type:

    or the BEFORE picture of this guy
    the after is way too much for my taste


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