Guys, whats this all mean. He want something at some point?

1. So when this guy first started talking to me he flirted a lot. I have known him through freinds. He always contacted me first saying things like come visit, ill love him one day i won't have to leave, and goodmorning texts and sent flowers.
2. I went to visit- he was amazing treated me like girlfriend. Took to dinners bought stuff, held hands all time even in car rides, met his freinds, kisses all the time. Just things you do when your in love. Took care of my needs and like actually cared and looked in my eyes. all that cute stuff lol.
3. I had to go home and asked if we wanted anything. He said wasn't ready- freind told me he was cheated on and he told me he doesn't trust people easily, and i think maybe the distance too. He wanted his last girlfriend to move with him when he moved to new state but her own life held her back so they broke up and the one before that cheated on him. So its been rough for him.
4. I came home we talked everyday, i sent a thank you present he called and thanked me called me amazing. Talks continued goodnights, goodmornings etc.
5. I started initiating a lot which i didn't mind, just not sure why.
6. I didn't talk to him for like 4 days i said something silly and he said he was just really busy. he's a realtor and i know how busy he gets from me being there.
7He texted me Sunday night first after seeing something i posted, and now have been talking everyday again. Well im initiating but we still talk. Its flirty/sexual too about us being next to each other.
8 last night was talking about zapping him here lol he said he would zap us somewhere tropical. We have talked in recent weeks about going on vacation at some point. I told him the one option we liked, said he needed something tropical and waiting on his passport he just ordered and that he can't do anything until it comes. not sure what that all means if like yes we can go or not. And not sure about everything else. He like me, he want something maybe evenually or what?


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  • I think it means that he wants to take it serious, long term, when the time comes.

    • When the time comes you mean when he's ready?

    • Most likely, yes, but when he feels you are ready as well.

    • Well I am ready lol but i guess he is not. I just find it weird im initiating now. I don't care about that just saying. Maybe like the distance is something or who knows

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