He says I'm too good for him?

So this guy and I have been trying to work things out. We both have a thing for each other but for the past year we've been talking on and off and it's really annoying. We hang out and then he stops talking to me for weeks. He says it's bc he gets busy but when I'd ask to hang out he'd say he was busy and then would go out with his friends. Anyways he hasn't really talked to me much for the past few months but we did hang out last month. We were talking last night and he said he wanted to be honest with me about why he hasn't talked to me much, he says he feels I'm too good for him. He then brings up my ex and how he was a goody goody. Its true, his family intimidated me haha his dad's the head chief of the fire department in our county. He did very good in school, got into a good school, well behaved and always respected me. He never drank or did drugs. I was actually a bad influence on him LOL. Anyways, he thinks he's a bad influence on me. His grandma used to be a gang member. His whole family actually looks like they're in a gang, and he dropped out of college and is now working in construction with his dad. He smokes weed and drinks all the time. I don't drink or smoke weed but I'm also not a goody goody. He's basically the opposite of my ex, and from the opposite end of the city. The part in which no one really wants to live in. I told him I felt sorry for him, bc really instead of still trying he just pushed me away. And I was obviously annoyed with him and he could tell so I told him I was just annoyed how he always brings this topic up and it never goes anywhere and he said he needed assistance that it's been awhile for him but I just told him he didn't need to bother bc nothing was going to happen anyways. I'm just tired of him I guess. And now He just changed the subject.


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  • Reverse psychology/sympathy card. Ditch him.

    • I've tried already

    • Ditching people is easy, sometimes they hang on for a while and won't leave you alone bat as long as you stick to your guns they get the message eventually.

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