Guys, Is this guy trying to make me jealous and did this text he sent me mean he wants a relationship with me in the future?

I've been 4 years single and exclusively focused on gaining success in my life.. About 1 year ago I met this guy who is now a great friend ( Who is 3 years younger than me), he has thrown sexual jokes my way.. seems to find me attractive and also mentioned how "one day what if we ended up married?" We are not having sex... A few weeks ago he sent me this text and I'm still not sure if is talking about a relationship with me in the future? "We don't need girls or guys;) we need to establish our businesses first and become the people we need to become. Then a relationship is healthy to get into. Haha you taught me well. Always i always respect a girl that doesn't put out." I am this girl who doesn't put out and very focused on accomplishing what I need to in life. I rarely mention guys or my interest in them so I thought it was random how he was telling me not to think about guys? After that text, on on his birthday we went out, he was with one of his Friends. As I look over he's talking to all these girls and then dancing with one spinning her around and what not. When him and I left the club (after a few drinks) I was even more confused cause I thought we agreed not to focus on girls through the text he sent me? as we walked out I was not happy and it was obvious, he asks me if I'm crying like he almost anticipated that I would cry (I was not crying) I also told him I don't wanna talk to him (not the best idea buzzed) Why would he do that Send that text saying that then dance with girls and all that? (Guys this is where your advice comes in) Does he want a grand gesture out of me that I'm jelous or something? Is he sexually confused cause we are not having sex? I want to better understand what's going on...
Little things you should know:
- we we live together in a house with roomates
- Business Entrepaneurs
-My friends say he's waiting to become successful before he has a relaitonship with a girl like me? But I dont know if I belive that.


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  • he is a douchebag, he doesn't like u... leave this douche

    • What makes you say that? I need a little explanation?

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