I think that early on in dating you should plan to see each other advance, do you agree?

I am seeing a guy for a few weeks. I think he thinks we are exclusive but he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend yet or had the talk.

We had a few nice dates. He asked me this morning if I want to get together tonight. I had tentative plans with my female friend so I confirmed with her and told him I have plans with my friend already.

Isn't it better that way? In my past relationships I would drop everything for a guy who wanted to see me that night. In the end he took me for granted.

I think that until your relationship is serious, you should not drop everything to see him that night. Let him ask the day before.

Do you agree that when a guy sees early on that she will see him all the time without advance plans, he will take her more for granted?


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  • If you have plans don't break them for nobody. Your friend is as equally important as this guy. Relationships is about balancing friends and family and a relationship. Some people sacrifice everything for their significant other. Another valid point you and him are not exclusive yet. But even if you were you can still make time and hang out with your friends if you want to. The choice is yours.


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