Girls, Asking A Woman For Her Phone Number? What Should I Say?

Long story short,

I'm a younger guy asking an older woman for her phone number. (around 10 years difference) She speaks german and some English. I speak a little German. She's been to England, wants to go to the States (where I used to live) and has traveled to sweden. She has a kid, is a hairdresser by day and a waitress by night.

We've had 2 brief chats mainly due to her work and my broken German. I feel like we may have chemistry, though... that or she just really REALLY enjoys talking to an American. What are some things I could say before asking for her number? I don't know why but she seems different from most other girls/women I've met so I don't really want to screw this up if there is a chance of there being something.

Really looking forward to your help lady Hitches :)


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  • Tell her you want to practice German with her. Come up with an excuse if you can't do it outright


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