How can I help my sister?

My sister is in love with a guy from her favorite show. She said she wants to date him and marry him. But there are 3 problems with it. One the show was made back in the 60's and 70's he's at least 70 years old now. Two she's only 22 almost 23. Three he's already married and has kids he even has grandkids too. She has him on facebook she's scared to talk to him. She said he still looks like he did 40 years ago when he was on tv. She said he's still handsome. On his Facebook it said he's single but he said he has two kids. She said a lot of her favorite rock stars who are 50 and 60 date and marry a 20 or 30 year old. But she's not sure about being married to a guy who already has kids. I don't know why but lately she cries when she watches the show and sees him on there. She said she's madly in love with him and she's obsessed with his character on the show too. How can I help her feel better?


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  • Just leave her, she will in time get over it. I think she going through a phase of a big crush. Sometimes a crush take over you, you become possessed by an evil spirit, and we start thinking weird and wonderful things about that person. Having a crush on someone can consume you.

    I think your sister has too much time on her hands, just too keep her busy so she will stop thinking about this person. try and take her out to places, invite her friends over more often.


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  • Jesus christ. A therapist would help.

    The age isn't the problem here, it's that she's being unrealistic. This is a celebrity, and she is a nobody. She doesn't actually know him, he doesn't and won't know her, unless by negative association from creepy stalker behaviour, and fixation and thinking there is some possible future is really unhealthy.
    It's good fun to have a celebrity crush, I suppose but to realistically think that knowing them is a possibility, and for the thing that worries he to be that he "already" has kids, is really a big red flag. She's out of touch with reality.
    I sense an underlying crisis. So, professional help.
    Are your parents aware of the severity of the situation?

    Lastly, which is it. He's single or he's married.


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  • Introduce her to a hot friend of yours ;)


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  • Take her to a psychiatrist, one of the girls i knew ended up commiting suicide in exactly the same situation...


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