Tips for online dating?

I recently took my chances at online dating but i'm not getting any replies i message them asking about their intrests or what they like to do for fun but nothing. is there a different way i should approach this?


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  • maybe instead of jumping into get to know you questions start with the basics. how are you, how was your day, what are you doing. give them a chance to be interested. dont just start with personal questions. just general basic ones.
    or maybe give them a compliment
    do you have a profile pic? maybe you should so its more personal and they can see if they would be attracted to you or not.

    • I do have a profile picture. I've tried simple hi how are you and still nothing. a lot of girls on okcupid want something more than that

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    • hmmm. i have no idea. that is really weird. maybe they aren't looking to date. maybe just hook up.

    • It says long term dating is what they seek

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  • There are many videos online with tips about online dating. I am much older than you but have met many women through that medium, so I will offer my advice and you decide whether it is right for you.

    1. Choose a username which gives a complimentary reference to your character. My username was FloridaGentleman1955.

    2. Don't post pictures of you not wearing a shirt, hanging out with a girl (even if it is your sister,) drinking beer, driving a jacked up pickup truck, etc. Your pictures project an image of you, What kind of image do you want to project?

    3. Women will read your profile before they respond to your messages. Don't say the stupid things that everybody else says, like "I like to take walks on the beach." If you are looking for a serious relationship, tell them things about yourself that would make you sound like a good catch. ("I like to spend time with my younger cousins. . . I've worked at the same job for three years. . . I'll be starting college in January" etc.) Talk some about long-term goals, so you don't sound like one of those guys whose major concern in life is having beer and cigarette money for the weekend.

    4. Ask a very trusted female friend to read your profile and give you some feedback on the impression it makes. I have done this before and you will get significant insights if you do this.

    5. My response rate for emails I sent was not higher than 10%. There are many profiles that are fake or were created by women who wanted to look but they never subscribed and they are not active on the web sites. Send out many messages but don't send a "canned" message. Read the woman's profile and say something in your message that indicates you read her profile. "Hey, that's really cool that you're such a big college football fan."

    6. Understand that online dating is scary for women. They could be corresponding with Jack the Ripper. Do everything that you can to allay their fears or concerns. Tell them that you don't want to be pen pals forever but you don't want to rush them into meeting you before they are ready.

    7. After exchanging a few messages, give her your cell phone number. Let her call you. She feels safer being on control of this.

    8. When she is ready, agree to meet her at a public place that is safe for her. A coffee shop on Saturday afternoon is a good safe meeting place and time.

    9. You will encounter some jerk women but don't let them make you disrespectful of others.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!


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  • Yeah, don't ever start with "Hi, how are you?" They will never respond. Online dating takes A LOT of patience, I feel like all guys who are new get this feeling like they're not attractive. But the reality is you are competing against literally hundreds of other men in a large radius for a single girl, and she has a lot to choose from so she can be really picky... it's definitely a woman's market. I don't know what you're using but I generally try to start conversations going off what they write on their profiles, talk about their interests or make a joke out of something. If they don't write anything, I usually go with "Living down here or just visiting?". Then I either write something flirty or ask what she's into.


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