Is it weird to assume this?

Hey girls if you live with your boyfriend would you assume that he considers you family? Assuming you guys have been together a good amount of time? For example if he says I always put my family first would you assume that you were included in that category? I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and he is 28 and im 24 and i assume that when he says his family comes first that im included in that category considering we are older and we are serious looking to move in together in the near future. My friends think thats weird is it?


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  • i wouldn't really assume that he considers me family but ill see he's serious about me

    • Well like i said we been together 4 years and we are serious in that we are moving in together. I would hope that he would see me as family if we are that far into our relationship. So when ge says family first i would think he is including me in that category. Why wouldn't you assume that

  • its not weird.


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