Should I ask him what's up, or just silently move on?

I've been talking to this guy online for about a year. We talk every day, though the conversation always stays pretty light- we don't get into very deep "get to know you stuff" because he feels scared of opening up and getting attached. We are usually flirty, tease eachother and at times talk about sexual stuff as well. We hung out once when we had a chance and he kissed me and told me how much he loved spending time together. Since then we haven't found a time to see eachother again, but still talked every day. He initiates like 95% of the time. Within the past week or two though, he has been less flirty, messaging me less, taking longer to answer or sometimes not answering at all until we talk the next day. A few tmes now his first message to me seems like he is trying to subtly make excuses why he's been unavailable- as as example, he might open a message with "ugh so busy catching up on work" or "sooooooo tired." It's like before I even have a chance to ask why he's been so absent he is trying to give me reasons from the get-go, and it sort of works because then it feels awkward to ask. I would just believe the excuses he gives me but no matter how busy or tired he has been in the past we always talked and he used to put more effort in to talk than he is now. Overall I get the vibe that he is backing off, and I'm pretty mad about how he's going about it. After a year of talking every day and showing feelings (flirting, nicknames) I feel like he owes it to me to tell me if he no longer wants to stay in touch the way we have and what made him change his mind. However since we never were dating officially, I don't want to ask and seem weird. so far I have just been acting equally distant and letting the space happen. Should I just let this "relationship" drift apart and dissolve without getting an answer (act unphased at how we talk less) or should I tell him my feelings/say my peace and cut him off?


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  • cut him off.

    • Should I tell him why or should I just stop answering him?

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