Does my friend from the gym like me?

I recently befriended a guy at the gym. He takes a lot of the aerobic classes I do, like insanity, martial arts, kickboxing. We say hi to each other everytime we take a class together, and stand next to each other. I added him on fb, and he accepted. He messaged me the other day, and we've been talking pretty much every day or every other day. We both initiate convos. Our conversations mostly involve the the classes, but he always asks if i'll be going to certain classes. Unfortunately, I don't see him that often at the gym (maybe once of twice a week), but we've been talking online a lot more. He's pretty quiet, which I now know is because he has a stuttering disability. I find it kind of cute. He is much more eloquent online. We both love dogs, and own one. We both graduated from the same high school, even though i don't know when he graduated.

I think it's probably too early to tell if he likes me, but I'm hopeful. Does he like me?


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  • It is definitely possible.


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  • he might like you.


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