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If a guy makes racist/sexist jokes about you, is that a sign that he doesn't like you? We're both freshman in high school. im Arab, and he's white. We're really good friends, and i started to have feelings for him. I think all of his jokes are hilarious, but are those kinda jokes just for friends?


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  • It's definitely the kind of humour male friends use towards one another. I know as I have a buddy from Algeria. 90% of our friendship is insult based humour, usually based on race. He may be trying to leave a message, he may also just like insult humour. If you feel offended I'd tell him to piss off.

    • They're generally racist pick up lines though, so I wasn't sure. Thank you!

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  • It means he's kind of racist and therefore probably thinks less of you as a human. I don't know him or the extremity of his jokes, so all I can say is that you should be cautious and consider moving on.

    If you don't find his jokes too offensive and he isn't a possible kkk recruit, just tell him how you feel!

    • Thanks for mho 😊

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  • it might be his way of flirting.


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