How should I get my GF's parents to trust me?

I'm a peer mentor at school and a junior and I council first year kids on how to get adjusted to campus life and not drinking too much or doing drugs etc. I met my current girlfriend through peer mentoring and she was one of my students for a while in the summer and came early after HS to start classes through the scholar program. We talked on campus and starting this semester we are exclusive. She's 18 and I'm 21 so their is an age difference. Her dad when he met me didn't trust me and still doesn't. He thinks I'm a typical 21 year old college kid going after the freshmen year girls. Her mom isn't happy with me either and thinks I'm too old.

I think I've got something to lean on in terms of trust lol inwouldnt be s peer mentor if I was an idiot or wild. Wouldn't it be better to date a guy like me then a college freshmen who is still immature?


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  • You have to give it time and be there. Eventually as they get to know you, their opinion of you will change

    • Well I just don't want to get ripped on all time when I'm around and its annoying that they are so open about their issues with me.

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  • You're not even that much older than her. My advice would be to show them better than you can tell them. Just keep being you. Continue to treat her right and make her happy. Sometimes it's not even about you. Some parents just don't want to see their children grow up.

    • It's about 3 years difference and I think it's better than dating an guy her age and a horny freshmen. I drink ocassinally and pick my nights to have fun at the bars downtown but am past the frat scene or college dorm parties. She does drink at my apartment and spends the night when she does so I'm a better influence than any freshmen guy.

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