My girl friend is "too close" to her guy friend what do I do?

My girl friend is always on the phone, face time, or texting one of her guy friends. It makes me really uncomfortable because I know he flirts with her a lot. I've told her it how it makes me wel but she didn't stop. I don't want to break up with her because I love her, but what should I do?


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  • tell her how you feel.


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  • Sometimes, people resent being told that they must do something. Tell your girlfriend again how you are feeling and ask if she has any suggestions to address your concerns. You might also consider asking her to invite him to dinner to meet you. Meeting him may allay your concerns and it may make it more difficult for him to flirt with her. However, if she is unconcerned about your feelings, that does not portend well for the future of your relationship.

    • I already know him as we used to be friends but stopped talking long before we started dating.

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