This guy is soooooo nice.. but is kinda strange at the same time Help?

I have been texting this guy for a week now and he is so nice. I'm not the type of girl that like bad boys so he great for me but he says things like "I need you" and "I miss you so much" and "you gonna be mines" and "you are all I ever wanted" . I thought it was cute at first but I never saw this dude in person and we have only been texting for a week so it's kinda weird that he is saying these things and he says he really likes me but he doesn't even know me enough to like me as much as he does. He is just soo nice but he is freaking me out when he texts me those things?
What should I do?
Should I stop texting him?


Most Helpful Guy

  • PUT the phone down now and walk away... stage 5 clinger alert! lol

    Either that or a Nigerian scammer who's looking for you to wire him some money.


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  • stop texting him.


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  • He is weird, clinger level 7 alert
    he will become a high-class stalker soon, leave him

  • You're in too deep.


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