How to to tell another girl to stay away from my girlfriend?

So my girlfriend is bi and I recently found out this girl likes her. I really like my girlfriend and I don't want to lose her. This other girl and her are friends but I'm worried that this girl will try and pursue my girlfriend, cuz Ik she likes her. How do I tell this girl to back off and/or tell my girlfriend that i really want her with me and no one else. Please help me this is urgent and I'm very worried.
Straight or whatever other sexually whatever input u think will b good for me to here please let me know🙏🙏


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  • If you truly care about this girl, tell her how you feel. Trust me from experience that holding back anything will cause more harm then good. My boyfriend once told me that he doesn't like jealous girls, but if i was ever upset about something (about some girl) that i need to tell him because he wants to know what i feel. Im not saying go crazy and start screaming about why your upset but sit her down and just talk about how you feel. you need to get out every thing out in the open. trust me, TALKING works wonders. not screaming or arguing.. just talking. Me and my boyfriend sorta had a fight and we decided that we needed to sit down and talk to each other. bring out everything out in the open. and since then its just been getting better between us. It not only gets over thing out in the open but it relieves stress and worries.


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  • just because your gff's friend is bi doesn't mean that 1) your girlfriend likes her back, or 2) that the girl in question will try to steal her from you.

    sexual orientation aside, if your gf's friend is a decent person, she won't act on her feelings. if you feel threatened by her, it may be a sign that something is missing in your own relationship.

    how to determine if or not they are more than friendly:

    1) they hang out alone and make a point of excluding you;
    2) your girlfriend gets angry/defensive when asked about her friend;
    3) she acts differently around you when all 3 of you are together- ie: touches her friend a lot or pays more attention to her than you.

    if any of these red flags start popping up, you and your girlfriend need to have an open, honest conversation.

  • girls aren't like guys and won't try to steal her

    • I'm worried my girlfriend will end up liking her tho because they are close friends?

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    • Well do u think I should reassure her that I'm the one for her and I really like and don't want to lose her to someone else?

    • yeah, sure ! :D

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