Guys, HELP! How can I make him to chase me again?

Ok, I've been dating my boyfriend (well, I don't know what to call him no more) for about 6 months now. We have known each other for a while before we started seeing each other. We both were in the same situation (newly divorced with kids) and we did not want to have a relationship but it just happened. He used to call/text/make plans for us all the time. Then finally his reality caught up with him. He is in a sales position so he needs to meet his sales goal every month. He said he used to have enough resources to pull to make him meeting his monthly goal, but his resources simply disappearing now. Therefore, he needs to work hard to keep his job. I understand his job comes first. My frustration is, he still has time to hang out with his friends and take his kids to cabin but he does not have time to give me a call/text/plan things with me. If I text or call, he will respond but he does not initiate the contact. If I don't reach out to him, he will never reach out back to me. He cannot commit anything, even wknd. We had a plan to take a trip together and now he is saying due to his sales situation, he can't even make it. I was not happy with his situation but I accepted it. I found another girlfriend of mine to go with me. I still feel bitter and I won't ever make a travel plan with him again! Learned a lesson. I am thinking that if you are BF/GF, you should see each other at least once a week, even if we have kids at our homes. If we don't have kids, we should spend our weekend together. In my mind, he is not interested in spending time with me. Every single time we see each other (after I begged his time with me), he seems pretty happy to see me. I don't even know if he is really happy or he is pretended to look happy. I also want to hear from him through text/call at least once a day, but he won't do it. He said he is too busy because he needs to get his sales up to keep his job. I am confused. What should I do to make him chase me again? Help!!!


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