Guys, do you find it attractive for girls to confess first?

I know some places/countries agree to this but some are not. Is it less masculine for men to accept girl that confess her love?
Or you guys prefer the chasing and you yourself do the confession?


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  • The most successful relationships I've had are the ones where the woman determined the pace of the relationship. That means she told me when she was ready for a committed relationship, used the "L" word first, etc.


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  • May just be me, but if I hear the 'L' word and I'm not seeing the relationship going anywhere, that's my cue to break it off rather than stringing it out because it's not something I take lightly. Best to tread lightly if you feel that way unless your sure your guy feels the same. JMO

    Downside is I always have them coming back thinking it's something that can be fixed when it can't.

  • I think it's really attractive when a girl puts in effort in you. It's like the most attractive thing personality-wise!


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