I'm sick of chasing him?

The guy I like is my close friend & lives in my dorm.
I graduate soon & he just broke up with his girlfriend so I don't expect anything to happen.
However, for the last few months we have been snuggling almost every night & having sex occasionally
For a while he seemed to like me back, kissing me not at night, when I visited his house he was super cute & sometimes messaged me cute stuff.
Then he started taking a step back, he slept with someone else & messages other people, but still snuggles me.
He got some award last night and was "sponsored" by my 'undying love'. This annoyed me & I feel like I need to take a step back but don't know how to...
If he wants me then he will come after me but I need to stop looking so needy, out of respect for myself.


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  • You're right to be sick of him. It isn't right for him to be sleeping with or messaging other women and then act like you're his. You should stop seeing him.


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