Why do I attract men who aren't over their exes?

I don't date that often but when I do seem to attract men who aren't over their exes or looking for someone to help them emotionally through a break up. I'm naturally a very caring person but I am starting to get over playing therapist for the men I date. Men who start to treat me like a surrogate of their ex and others who just constantly compare me to her. How can i screen out these men early on? Usually they are fine in the beginning but as a we start to get to know each other all the baggage and ex talk starts to come out and it becomes quite obvious they aren't over her. I'm just sick of having my time wasted. I don't like hurting people and am very caring so I usually stick around trying to help these guys which often results in me developing feelings for an unavailable man or the guy trying to force a relationship to either make his ex jealous or to make himself feel better. I even had one guy who told me his ex was long out of the picture over a year ago, only to send my picture to her to show her how much better he could get than her and how he was doing fine... wtf? Turns out he was in contact with her the entire time we dated and wanted her back which confused the hell out of me as he kept trying to force things along with me really fast and when I would pull back as I wasn't sure of him/don't like to rush he'd get all upset that I didn't want him.. again wtf? haha Advice please?


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  • It happens to be by coincidence that you end up with guys like that.
    Next time, don't make it so easy for guys, next guy you begin to talk to, let him know that you will not tolerate him taking to his ex.


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