Do you still have much of a dating life after your 20's?

I'm about 24.5 years old now, and am graduated after 6 years of engineering school.

I feel like much of the dating experience I should have had hasn't come about, and I feel like time is running out. About half my friends are married now, and a lot of them have children.

I never dated in High School and I never had sex in college, now I am worried I am going to be stuck where I am - both in location and in life - because everyone else will be married, and I don't have the relationship experience. If you didn't experiment with sex in High School, have long-term relationships in college, then meet your future wife before graduating, you're basically locked out.

I also feel like I have missed out on a part of life that I can't get back. Part that was completely normal, casual, and basically served on a dish for literally everyone else. I feel like after college, there is basically no place that girls would actually WANT to be met. That dating from this point on will be essentially impossible.

Is there anyone here who has done much dating after college? Is it basically the end of dating life altogether?


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  • Oh man I hope so,19 and never dated. Where do you go to meet people after the age of 20?😅

    • After the age of 20, you are 21. So suddenly bars and parties and stuff open up to you. But it seems like it is impossible to meet people outside the community that exists in college. Outside of college, I feel like every woman is resentful and specifically avoidant of male attention (Unless it's a bar and they don't want to buy their own drinks).

      They say "Library", but I can already picture the blogs and public humiliation videos saying "Girls are in libraries to read, not to meet guys, assholes!" They say clubs, "Girls join clubs to do their hobbies, not to meet guys, assholes! Stop talking to us. Stop trying to meet us. We don't want your sleezy eye rape when you come to say hey."

    • You said "I feel like every woman is resentful and specifically avoidant of male attention (Unless it's a bar and they don't want to buy their own drinks)." Why do you feel like this? And the last part of your statement makes absolutely sense which is ironic because that is where they say to go meet people.

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  • This isn't true at all. You definetly still have time. You just need to find activities you enjoy and go often to those places and have the courage to talk to people. Your quitting before even trying cause you think your gonna fail. That makes less sense then quitting because you failed. The vast majority of my friends that got married right out of college weren't actually in love. And as I get further and further away from college I see it more and more. Like you they were scared of dating outside the playpen called college. So they latched on to whatever they could get there hands on to stay comfortable and avoid the impending loneliness. Once you leave college it gets more difficult yes but it also gets more real. Don't count yourself out.


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  • Dude are u nuts?
    Dating life is just fine below 30, dont feel low or sad, enjoy your life... :)

  • Never dated. Never had a girl friend. I dove straight into marriage after 30. Don't worry. Try looking for girl you can live your entire life with.

  • Males have very high market value between 30-40...
    Just improve your skills with women, your golden years are still ahead of you


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