Girls, is this bonus points?

Girls if you own a dog and a guy who likes you connects well with it in your presence does it score points with you


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  • That scores huge points. The dog is my priority so if they get on, then it's awesome. If they didn't get on, it would probably be a little concerning.


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  • Girls, is this bonus points?
    Not for me. Bonus points to me are based on how beneficial you are to me. Connecting well with my dog Ian't a benefit to me as he likely won't be around long enough or involved enough for it to matter.

    • I might be shy and introverted but outside of that I have a lot of beneficial traits

  • yeah. Mine gets on well with my partner although its for me, he gives me that look of 'look mum I am being nice to him for you because I love you'

    However its more when a man makes an effort with my dog. I went for a walk once with a guy who at the beginning called me over protective with my dog. By the end of our walk he was keeping an eye on him too :)


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