Guys, if the girl you like ignores you, will you ever forgive her?

Please explain your choice, it'll help me move on if I ever have to.

It was based on a misunderstanding. Thing is, we've had two others before which I wrote a letter for and held onto my words.

Thank you.
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  • If I was ignored...
    I dont hold grudges against women unless she really fucked me over, But if she ignored me I would just return the favour.
    She wants to talk, balls in her court

    • She tries to iniate contact but no response.

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    • He either wants space, or he has moved on

    • Thanks, you were pretty helpful! :D

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  • Like timmy said, guys dont like to be mess with... And for me, ignoring is a big turn off.

    • Makes sense.

      What if she tries to fix things?

    • She can, but i would asume that she would make it up to me somehow.

    • How?

  • probably, you probably hurt his feelings, first he will be resentful then he will just move on and you won't exist to him. Teaches you not to be mean to people EVER


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