should i be worried?

So , the last day off term my boyfriend got suspened from his school... so he messaged me that afternoon saying , hey baby look i won't see you or be able to talk to you "much" these holidays because i got suspened from school and mom and dad has grounded me and taken off my phone .. im so sorry babe i got to go but i love you.. anyways i obviously completly understand , parents got to do what they got to do but yesterday he was on for about 3 mins or soo and didn't message me or message back he didn't see it.. but he always does , anyways he texted me the nxt day sayin sorry my mum was on my facebook love yoy byeeee i dont know what to belive because i always get cheated on...
  • You are worrying for no reason he's grounded so chill
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  • mmm abit suspscious
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  • I would be worried. If you care and love him then try to wait it out. It's a tough call I hope he isn't making it up.


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