I am not interested in a friendship how do I make them realise?

i am not and asz and dont plan on being one , these two girls i know were really friendly with me and nice and i dont wanna hurt them i felt a spark between me and them ( each one of them indiviually of course ) after texting and talking in person a lot of times i decided to ask one of them to hang out with me , it was all good she agreed but then decided to bring her friend... now thats nice but i am not interested in friendship or hangoing out with girls just for the sake of hangoing out and having two girls won't help me achieve anything i mean seriosuly how can you get close and intimate with someone if someone else is there , i was planning on hangoing out with each of them separetly and try my luck with each one of them but they wanna both come with me at once and i dont wanna act like an asz and say no... but i just dont do this friends with girls thing for obvious reasons and consequences , so any ideas? can't cancel so its fine this time but I don't know maybe they are trying to send a message or something? I don't know


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