How is that even possible?

This summer I went on a three week vacation (interrail) from Arnhem to Budapset.
I did this in a group of 13 peope, 6 guys, 6 guys and a guide.
After one week or so I started having fun with one of the girls, eventually we kissed and danced in a club. For the last two weeks we spend most of our time together and held hands and kissed.

I thought it was a bit weird because in the first week of the vacation she told me she alreadt was seeing a guy back in Holland. (where she'd been dating with for about three months)
We did talk about this briefly, and she told me it was just a vacation love/thing we had.

After we rutrned I asked if she wanted to go out together, date like.
Fist after I asked, she replied with no, because she didn't know what she felt for me or him (the other guy). So then I said, okay I'll ask you later. One week later I asked agian, and this time she said yes.

Now two days before we were going to meet, she suddenly appd me and said: I'm not sure if I still want to go out together. I asked why? She: because I don't have feelings for you. The next day she suddenly tells me she isn't seeing the other guy anymore (dind't want to tell me why or so)

And then one da before the date (was) going to take place, she said this: You are perfect in almost any way. But I have friendship like feelings for you.

So my question is: why the hell start kissing and stuff during the vacation and than now this?


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  • She wants your attention and your interest but she doesn't want you as a person


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  • Well they must have been feeling it badly.


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  • She was probably a little lonely on the vacation and you were nice to have with no prospect of worrying about a relationship...


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