Why can't arabs have a korean girlfriend if visits korea?

People say you can't coz they attached to family or racist and stuff... i dont get it.. u can't e together with a korean girl if your arab or middle eastern?


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  • I was in korea a month ago. When i was in bars there were middle eastern men and they had korean girls with them. by the way black guys had korean girls with them too. Koreans aren't that racist. But yeah they look down on you sometimes. But yeah to be honest they were good looking guys. So you have to be handsome cute etc to get a girl in korea if you're not korean. But don't expect something serious.

    • Serious like? The most i expect is a girlfriend and boyfriend thing...

    • Also what do u mean look down on u sometimes

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  • It is because Korean families do not want their children being married outside of their race, Korean people love to stay traditional and stick with other Korean people. They especially do not like Middle Eastern people and Black people. You have tough luck my friend.

    • I just found out most of them do plastic surgery... that is soo saddd

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  • They can


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  • Because Korea is one of the most racist countries on earth.

    • How come? How are they? What about china and japan

    • They appear to have some sort of superiority complex and think they are the best country in world, very nationalistic.

      Japan is slightly more westernised and open minded. I'm not sure about China, though

    • Yea but i dont think all.. coz korea has an amount of arabs convert from korea and stuff

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