White girls under 24, can a white guy your age with a bald head be attractive? Could you date one?

My brother bladed early and shaved what's left, and since this he's noticed that darker skinned girls seem very interested and I'm not joking it's true. However no offense to anyone he is typically only really attracted to white girls or at least lighter complexioned, and he does have high standards but still not the point. Girls our race seem more out off by it than other races, so I figured I 'd help get to the bottom of it, so girls can a white young guy with a shaved bald head be boyfriend material to you?

again no offense to any race it's just his preference on dating
  • Yes a young white guy who's bald can still be attractive, I'd date one (provided everything else worked of course)
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  • No, at this age I really couldn't see myself actually truly dating a bald guy sorry
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  • Results (for girls over 24 and darker skinned girls)
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  • Yes, if he shaved - like you said your brother did.
    I find men who accept their baldness and hence shave it all off pretty darn sexy. =)

    • Did you vote? And he unfourtunately still has a bit if pigment under the skin where the hair still grows so st times you can see the balded area, would that be an issue?

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    • I only know because he hounds me about it :( and he's talked with the fam about laser removal of the shadow, so the shadow would mostly be a deal breaker? Part of the reason I'm asking all this is kinda out of sympathy as I can't date bald guys

    • Thank you =)

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  • ok could you be more specific im White but im Asian please use the word caucasian for skin color

  • I'd have to really like him. I like some hair to hold onto. I don't think I'd like it to much. Just not my preference, no offense

    • Did you vote B then? I'm just curious hoping you didn't vote A as that would kinda sully the data.

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    • So basically no hair=not physically attractive to you, correct?

      Yet A states that they can be which you voted. I am confused

    • Just because their bald doesn't mean they're automatically unattractive. It's just not something I look for. I'd date him, but only if I really liked him. Which is basically what A states
      "Yes a young white guy who's bald can still be attractive, I'd date one (provided everything else worked of course)"

  • This question is biased in so many ways. White or not, bald guys are frekkin ugly, simple.

    • ? This comment makes no sense, either way he holds his standards high, he can't do shit about his lack of hair, maybe you should try a treadmill for you excess weight hun ;)

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    • I like your 'bitch mode', it probably pisses off your boyfriend though.

    • I wouldn't care if you were Jesus's sister honey, you called my brother ugly and despite no hair he is still cute. As are plenty of other bald dudes with alopecia etc. you need your little boy to have precious hair to the point if being a little cunt about it, you are entitled to personal thoughts but clearly the poll shows you're the minority! If you are anorexic I don't feel bad for you, as you're so critical of another's condition they have no control over that you deserve something like that in return. However I still feel like you may be a tubby who's trying to call others ugly to feel better about her gut, either way, you're no bombshell I'm sure, and you wouldn't hold up to my brothers standard on looks alone not to mention quality personality Hun :)

  • I feel like you're the guy asking this pretending to be his sister. No shame in asking bro. Be proud! I'm sure you can find a nice blond white girl to like you

    • No I'm not although my brother has GaG and so probably asked about his hair I'm sure, I won't lie he did ask me to ask girls in person what they thought, just because he figured we'll be more honest with each other rather to the actual guy asking ya know.

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