Girl I really like was dating a guy, but she just broke it off. What should I do now?

During this past semester, I met the girl of my dreams. She is everything I want in a girlfriend. I believe it was meant to be, because we just have so much in common and we really hit it off well.

She had a boyfriend during the semester, so I couldn't ask her out. Now I checked Facebook today and she is now single. I am wondering what I should do. I was thinking asking her to lunch and then play the game we played a lot last semester. I guess I want to know how long should I wait to make a move and ask her on a serious date?


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  • How is she dealing with the breakup? If she seems fine, don't waste much time IMHO. Even if she doesn't want to date right away, it's good to let her know how you feel so that if she does have feelings for you, she will hopefully start to seriously think about you. Of course, if she's emotionally devastated, then be more sensitive.

    I was in a similar situation as yours last semester. A girl I really liked broke up with her long-distance boyfriend, and during the four days after their breakup that I spent fretting over how long to wait to ask her out, she and her best guy friend started dating. I didn't want to move too fast to risk our friendship, but our friendship has cooled anyway since she has a boyfriend (on campus) now. I should've risked the friendship and tried for true happiness, but I didn't. I learned a valuable lesson though.

    • Hey thanks for the advice. Yeah that's exactly what I'm worried about that another guy will come in and scoop her up. During the semester we would eat lunch together and hang out, so I was thinking that would be a good first thing to do back. The only problem is I don't have her number, the only contact I have to her is through Facebook, which I don't like using for serious questions to girls.

      I don't think she is devastated, she broke up with him, hopefully for me, wishful thinking.

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  • Not for a while. Give her some space for now... you don't want her on the rebound... and then when she seems happier or seems to be a little flirtatious, those are signs that she's ready for another one. I'd give it maybe a month or so.


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