Shall I call or text him? shall I ask him for an after work coffee?

I met a cute guy on a Friday night, we immediately got on. We had sex (I know it's bad), but we also chatted loads, and I found out he comes from a town B where I do business travel every week, and he was in my town for a weekend holiday, before he left he asked my number, a week later, he texted me and asked me when I will be back to Town B, this was the date I told him I will be back to the Town B, so I text him back said I'm in the Town B now, and we had a few text message exchanged, he said we should meet up at some points and last time was fun. I said it sounds good, then he asked me how long I will be staying in the town, I said only a two days, but I will be back next week for a few days, he then texted me to ask me call him if I'm back to the town B. I'm about to travel to the town B in a few days, shall I call him or text him? shall I ask him out for a coffee after work? I kinda of liking him, but don't want to be too desperate or too keen, because all dating books say girls shouldn't be initiate anything first, wait for him to call you.

what should I do? is he interested on me or just want a causal sex?


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  • That's stupid, call him. As for the sex, I have no clue if he wants casual sex or something more.

    • I'm shy in calling man.

      how about text him: I'm in the town and perhaps we could meet up for a coffee after work? or should I just text him I'm in the town? so let him to suggest the next move? if he doesn't suggest any meet up, then he perhaps is not interested on me or anything?

      any thoughts?

    • That's a good idea....

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