He wants his space but still?

He tells me he wants his space to figure things out after losing his job but still text and call me


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  • He is simply in his comfort zone.


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  • He is taking this time, for it seems you are in this Real Relationship yet as a couple, @FashionistaChick, where he wants his 'Space' and still keep you abreast of his life with strife By... Text and call me.
    He has not forgotten you but it seems that at this time and space, he needs this time alone To... Figure things out.
    I don't know how long it has been but tell him you understand that he is going through a few rough patches but you Can't... Wait around forever to get old and gray.
    Arrange a meeting when you feel it is time to find out what is going to be or not to be with thee.
    Good luck. xx


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  • when something bad happens to a guy HE HATES talking about it and for someone to try to get him to talk about it right now he is basically "caving in" this is how guys get over it and if you wanna show him your love and support and that you are someone who can be an amazing girlfriend let him have all the space he needs and when he comes back just say something like "i'm glad we can enjoy our time together again" just don't BUG him!


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