Girl didn't text me back, Should I wait for her to text or text her in a few day?

Well this girl I haven't talked to in years, found me on facebook and started talking to me. We have been texting for month almost every day with maybe 10 to 15 messages. Not to much. She rarely text first, but she does if we don't talk. Well I asked her on a date this week ( after she didn't talk to me for a few days), and she said she couldn't. Which has been the case lately. She cancel our date, she made, last week cause she got called into work. So I asked if she was still interested because it hasn't seem it lately and she said yeah. Well this week she has been not responding to some my texts. Which I know she is working long shifts at the end of this week and last Friday she found out her grandfather sign do no resuscitate and refusing any more treatment, so he may not last though the winter. Which she told me Monday when I asked if she has been busy since we didn't talk for 4 days. This is the second time she hasn't responded this week. Last time I waited a few days and just said Hey and she responded 10 mins later say sorry for not responding before. What should I do this time, give her space and wait for her to text or text again in a few days saying hey you? I kind of what to see if she want to watch the supermoon lunar eclipse Sunday night with me, so I really like to talk to her.


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  • wait for her to text you back.

    • That is what my gut feeling is saying. The way it is the second time, and it already has been 2 days. It is to bad about the plans I came up with for Sunday, if she doesn't message by then. Wanted to get her mind off things for a bit with a nice night out. Plus there is the thought of she won't message back at all.

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  • Yes I would wait a few days.


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