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I'm 18, single and just started uni, in Whales (not specifying), and I've moved into a flat with 8 other people 5 girls and 3 boys. We have been going partying and things, but 2 days ago, we went out and me and one of my flat mates got back before a couple of the others and we're alone. We began to make out. Next day, texted her and stuff. We got back again last night, but everyone was with us, but for 5 seconds we were alone and I took my chance, we started again (she of course was kissing me back), but the rest walked in, we stopped, no one saw.
I feel awful, because these things are only happening when we are drunk, but for me, drinking gives me the last bit of confidence I need to actually kiss her. Should I stop kissing her drunk and try and kiss her sober (I worry a lot about rejection as I've experienced everyone's worst nightmare, where I asked a girl out and her and the whole class laughed at me)? Should I just take it as a kind of one night stand and just forget about it? I like her, she's really nice and gorgeous, too. I don't know how she feels about me

p. s. The flat is very busy so we don't get any free time together
Update: Went out tonight and turns out she had planned to meet a guy that her friend had put her in touch with the other day, I had to come home to take care of a girl who wasn't well and she's been out with him all night. So I assume... take it as a one night stand thing?
The guy spent the night...


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  • Don't worry about the other guy, you don't know him, so he doesn't matter.

    Worry about you're living with this person, so is dating her a good idea? But you're 8 or 9 in that place, so you probably won't be living there long, so maybe don't care about that also.

    Just straight out, when you're both sober, talk to her about when you made out, touch her hair or her shoulder, tell her you're attracted to her, and see where it goes. Maybe she likes you, but since you stopped making out with her when other people walked in, she thinks you would be embarrassed to be with her publicly. Women think like that.

    In high school, I asked a girl out, and just like you, she rejected me, told everyone, and I was the laughing stock of the school for a week or so. But who cares? A lot of people laugh at a lot of things. Whatever you do, whenever you try something, there will be people laughing at you, people telling you it's a mistake, that you're wrong, stupid, etc.

    by the way, it's not a one night stand. Don't call it that. That's specifically something else.

    Don't wait for her to talk to you about it, pursue it, continue it. Women never do that. Never. You have to take the lead, stand tall and tell her directly that it wasn't a mistake and you want her. You have to take the risk. And what is it really?

    Do people still call you and talk about that time the whole class laughed at you? Because when I meet people from high school, if they mention it, they say something like: "Remember that one time, you went up to the hottest chick in the whole school, asked her out in front of everyone? Man, you had guts even back then."

    People remember that you tried, dared, were bold. It doesn't matter if you succeed or fail. But you really shouldn't care what other people think anyway. Be a man!

    • The guy is staying the night, so is that me outta the picture (he's sleeping in her room)

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    • Well, I've found that to be the easiest way to get over someone. Or do something that keeps your mind distracted.

    • This seems to be impossible, I've spent like all day with her, today, alone. But don't want to make things awkward by asking anything

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  • Time for the talk.


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