Dating an ex again??

me and my ex actually only dated for two months we messed around for nine months even though he had a girlfriend at the time. I was madly in love with this dude. I thought I lost my world. it took me like two years to fully get over him and I even stopped thinking of him. but I said we could be friend since I wasn't in love with him anymore. well when I told him we could be friends he starts telling me that the military changed his life and now he just has to love the women of his dreams and how he can't live without me and all this stuff I mean I love him but I am not in love with him anymore. and now when he gets back from Iraq in two weeks he wants to move to nc in April to start a new life together and I am from wi. and that is a two day drive from everyone I ever known in my life. I was just looking for some advice from people that were maybe in the same or somewhat boat I am in.


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  • Well, if your not IN love with him I think it is a bad idea. Because then it is guaranteed to end badly. But if you think you do. Give him a shot. Obviously something was there before, for all you know it still could be. It might just be laying dormant somewhere deep down inside. But before you take this advice into consideration, how exactly DID you two break up the first go around?

    • He just said he needed time to think about things and then he was off dating some other chick but now that he went to iraq all he wants is to be with the women of his dreams which is me. but we messed around the whole time he was dating this other chick because he said he still has feelings for me but its just so confusing at the same time

    • Honestly it sounds like he really has feelings for you, and it took him seeing the underbelly of humanity to realize how lucky he was for it.

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  • I wouldn't do it on a whim.

    To be honest, I'm a firm believer that if paths are meant to cross again, they will.

    This...just seems shady to me. Idk...

    I took back an ex (we just have sex and that's it now...), but it's nothing like your situation. We talk about moving in together, but as roommates, in separate rooms with another roommate. But I doubt the validity of it. Then again we've known each other for 2 years...

    I'm gonna say, don't do it. Like I said above, it just seems really shady to me.