Is it a red flag if my boyfriend never wants to hang out with me? Like ever?

What does it mean if your boyfriend doesn't want to hang out with you. Like ever. I have been dating a guy long distance (4 hrs) for over a year. We FaceTime, text or talk everyday, and he tells me loves me but we hardly ever see each other. Like we have seen each other once in the past 6 months and it was me driving to him. I always ask him about meeting up and it has been a pretty big point of contention. It's pretty much the only thing we fight about. I feel like he should be excited about seeing me and miss me when I'm gone, but it seriously comes off like it ain't no thing to him. I know he's not dating anyone else and I get long distance can be hard but we don't even have plans for the next time we we see each other and every time I bring it up he gets annoyed and feeds me some bs about how we will see each other soon but doesn't give it a hard date. I don't know what it means. I have asked him why he doesn't want to hang out with me and he will say he's so sorry and promise he will make it happen. Then doesn't. I don't know if I should pull the plug and move on to someone who actually does want to spend time with me. He says he's sick of me bitching about it. But is it not normal to want to see your man and vice versa. Am I in the wrong here? o


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  • You are not wrong.
    Take to consideration in the position he may be in, that restricts him from driving 4 hours to you, then 4 hours back. He's job may be holding him back, or has busy life.

    • So when you say I am not wrong, do you mean I am wrong?

      I know it's far but he has a job where he can work from anywhere and he never invites me there either.

      I just feel like there's no excitement to want to see me. Shouldn't there be?

    • i meant it as in, you are not wrong for thinking this. But, you do have to take in consideration what i mentioned above.

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