I am going nowhere with life?

im stuck and i dont know what to do... well i do actually know which is take my stuff and emigrate to a new country, but i can't because of my degree. I dont like my life because i ruined it, i came from a depressed family that ruined my way of life and thinking, everything around me was darkness because they told me it was darkness. They told me that... so how do i recover from that? how do i recover from thinking my whole life is darkness? am i ruined forever? my past damaged me?


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  • If you feel like shit about your life, first make sure you're not surrounding yourself with negative people. If your family and friends are all assholes/downers/just all around negative people, first thing you need to do is make space between them and yourself. You don't have to cut them out of your life entirely, but if their presence is a negative one then minimize your time with them.

    Secondly. Choosing to do nothing is doing something. If you hate what you are doing right now, make a change. Even if it's the wrong one, it's better than your current decision to leave things the way they are now. If you don't like the results of the changes you made, then try something else. The moment you start to like the results of whatever you decide to do, then do more of it.

    Moving away to somewhere you can easily find work is a good start. Because if you can say nothing else, you can say your life is going somewhere


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  • here is a poem that helps me get through life:

    When your lost
    and have forgotten your path
    divide your life
    into half and half
    social and private
    fun and calm
    to keep smiling
    with your witty charm
    think about how
    you only live once
    and grasp life
    by every ounce
    And right now
    you maeby on a yoyo
    but after all
    hashtag YOLO


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  • Do you have someone that you can call a friend? Or a possible friend?

  • Just try to be happy with yourself and wherever you are at..


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  • its never too late.


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