Why do people always ask me to hook them up w. one of my friends?

I have to say that i always have pretty friends so everytime i bring them around some of my guy friends would ask me to be a wingwomen for them & hook them up together. But my thing is why does everyone come to me to get hooked up? &why dont any guys try to tlk to me when im clearly pretty , dress nice , & friendly. Im confused 😩😩 its like guys dont see me when im w. My friends & ik were equally pretty so i dont understand , why is that?


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  • Do you just think your equally pretty or do your friends think that as well? If your friends think it's true and are being honest, then maybe your friends have a more outgoing and approachable type personality because obviously there's something about them guys prefer more than you. Best to ask a guy you know who's already in a relationship and knows both you and your friends for an honest opinion. I really can't say without seeing a pic of you and your friends.

    Maybe you need some less attractive friends to help you stand out when trying to find guys. Just a thought.

    • Lol im not insecure , im not gonna just be friends w. Less attractive people just to get guys attention

    • Everybody needs a DUFF in their group. Have one of your friends get one to come along. They work you know. ;)

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  • go to new castle, get laid, take a selfie in bed, get it framed and stick on the wall with the caption 'his dick was so long, i practically had a 11some'


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  • You have a boyfriend, there's no need for u to concern yourself with guys not approaching you. You're supposed to reject them anyway!

  • Hey, when you like someone as a friend you can feel guilty about liking them as more also, if you're a guy. Fear of ruining everything forever if she doesn't feel the same (semi irrational but still).

    If you're pretty and they like you, you may have just coincidentally made many guy friends that are incompatible in other ways, even if statistics dictate you should have a higher success rate.

    Id say if you're unsatisfied with your numbers you could really benefit by being one of the girls that approach guys.


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