What is the worse thing a guy has ever said to you? And what is the worst drama you ever had with a guy?

Last guy I talked to he had a crazy ex who found my number and texted me. I'm mad about that too because she harassed me even though I don't know who she is. I don't know how she even got my number

and its its always drama after I meet a guy

I'm not even trying to date any body and I'm not even trying to talk to a guy

I only had 2 guys I have talked to where there was no drama

the rest of the guys verbally abused me or treated me like shit

the he worse thing a guy has ever said to me was "I can get better looking girls than you, the only reason why I had sex with you is because you were there"


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  • I had a girl humiliate me in public because I cried... when my sister got raped.

    Hardly think women are particularly nice either...

    • I never said women were nicer

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  • Said he was all alone during those more than 3 years that we had together and that he never felt I was there. URGH!


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  • Never had a guy say anything bad about me. I'm a f angel

    • What?

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    • You don't have to be mean for a guy to say anything mean to you

    • It was a joke...

  • A group of older guys told me I would look better naked. Found out my friend had a crush on one of the guys.