Feeling flirty energy at work ever feel like that?

This guy plays ping pong with me at break when our breaks match up. And it gets fun and competitive. And I look forward to seeing him. And we wave at each other every chance we can. He helps me when I am stuck cause I am in training. And I send him stuff from my desk for his cold. And when he trains the people in my area not me but he is right in our bay I feel happy. I know I won't date anyone at work. I want to be taken seriously and be professional. But on my day off I felt like "dang I miss him". I think it just makes the atmosphere fun. I know not to mess up my job. And I value the friendship and work environment too much to make anything more out of it. But does this sort of tension make your job feel better or is it distracting or Some other negative? We laugh a lot with each other and stuff.

  • can be dangerous
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  • Keep your nose down and work
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  • As long as you both Keep a fun friendship great it is positive
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  • Dating is fine as long as the policy allows it
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  • You are adults do what the F u want
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  • If your work policy isn't against it i would just say play things as they go you seem like you have a crush on the guy that is cute in way trust me. If your both single then don't worry about things your both over 18 why should it be a problem?


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  • I feel that if you both have a mutual bond it will make it even better you both can encourage each other to work harder and better

    • I feel like the energy makes me want to impress him by getting high scoring reviews and he is the top so he gets high scoring reviews. And I make sure to point out that he is full of awesomeness. And I tell him when I finally get 100% certificates. And he is happy for me. And to me the energy brings out the best in us. I told him he is qualified for a promotion but he declines. He likes his assignment doing what I do. I think it is positive

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