He just dissipated-what to do?

our last meet was more than 2 weeks ago...
after that maybe about a week ago, we met shortly to go to park, after that he said "i have to go home, need to work". didn't invite me to his house as usually...
and that was our last meeting.
He dont write or called me since that time.

He just dissapeared.
how can u explain his behaviour?


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  • I've gone through this now with several guys in the past 2 weeks too!! I've honestly taken it up as rejection. I know I could be wrong but in my opinion guys who are truly interested always reach out one way or another if you've showed genuine interest in them when in person. I always make it clear I like a guy on dates (compliments, flirting, affection) so when a guy doesn't talk to me again despite my efforts I take it as rejection and move on.

    • But for u it was eadier, cuz u said for padt 2 weeks, so that u actually didn't date them
      I dated this man for 3 years and and lately he started to act distantly...
      Now its almost 2 weeks since i sow him (shortly), seems like he just dissapeared

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    • Well 1st of, no one living in the past (not me, if u meant me). Its MATTER actually how long u date, bcoz if i dated some strangers for 2 weeks and then they jusy dissapeared, i would not care, bcoz i almost didn't know them...
      And another thing if someone u dated for a few years dissapeared...
      So, dont compare 2 different things!!!

    • @Asker

      If that's all you can take away from everything I said then clearly you have zero understanding of anything I said. Please read again slowly and then you'll see what I'm trying to say without getting hostile.

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  • "i have to go home, need to work", meaning, he's busy.

    Just shoot him a text, saying "Hi, just wanted to check in on you"

    • Why not put in all CAP. WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING TO MEEE!!!1

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    • Chicks like u judge too easily, lol, i believe not bcoz of a big brain
      So, go to a$$, ur comment is just another troll

    • "So, go to a$$, ur comment is just another troll"
      Lol! So you're needy & not too bright :) The list just keeps buidling!